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November 7, 2017

IgniteS2 produces 5.6% Marketable Yield Increase on Tomatoes in California

Colusa County Farm Supply Research Dept. in Dunnigan, CA found significant increases in processing tomatoes yields using AgriGro’s IgniteS2. Using 32 fl. oz / acre via drip irrigation, the acres with Ignite S2 produced an 8.3% increase in gross yield and 5.6% increase in marketable yield over the control acres. Read more about IgniteS2.

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March 8, 2016

AgriCal Study Shows Increased Plant Health in Wheat Trial

The objective this study was to evaluate the effect of AgriGro’s chelated liquid calcium, AgriCal, on spring wheat in a soil with the following characteristics: pH 4.2, Aluminum Toxicity, Calcium Base Saturation levels of 38%. Seven weeks after planting 80% of the AgriCal plots had the main stem and one or more tillers, as opposed to the control […]

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