For nearly 40 years, AgriGro® has established a tradition of excellence 
manufacturing an ever-growing line of innovative technologies that
offer superior performance and unmatched value in the global
marketplace. Grounded in our humble beginnings, our family-owned
biotechnology company seeks to build upon those principles, and expand the
tradition of excellence…far beyond business. 




Our mission is to provide sustainable,
environmentally sound technologies that maximize
biological performance, return a profit to the user,
and improve the world we live in.



“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)
Our driving principles are to Give, Serve, and Support. We
recognize the privilege and calling we have to give help and hope
through serving those in need. We support individuals and
organizations that provide impoverished communities with the food,
water, skills, and products needed to produce sustainable gardens,
livestock, and crop production. Offering a hand up to not only survive
but thrive in everyday life.


We proudly partner with the following organizations.
Please take a moment to visit the following links below to see how they’re making a global impact.















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