Wine Grape Varieties Show Significant Yield Increase with FoliarBlend® and AgriCal®

California studies on Syrah, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes showed that FoliarBlend® and AgriCal® can help significantly increase yields. Syrah grapes averaged a 3,450 pound / acre increase over the control!  … read more

Uruguay Soybean Farm Trial Shows 15 k/ha Increase Using FoliarBlend®

A farm trial to determine the effect of FoliarBlend® on soybeans in Tarariras, Uruguay showed a 420 k/ha increase in soybean yields, that’s a 15% increase! Soybean test weight also increased by… read more

Uruguay Farm Trial Yields a 22% Kg/Ha Increase in Barley

A Uruguay Farm Trial yields a 984 kg / ha estimated increase in barley yields, that’s a 22% Kg/Ha Increase! It also showed 4% increase in test weight!… read more

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AgriGro® Featured In Idaho Grain

AgriGro® was featured in Idaho Grain, a publication provided by the Idaho Grain Producers Association. The article, entitled, Biostimulants Offer Promise, but Do Your Homework delves into the science of… read more

Peanut Study: Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Numbers Rise

Peanuts are a very important crop in Argentina, with millions of tons exported worldwide annually. In early studies using multiple applications of FoliarBlend® on peanuts, soil analyses showed the number of nitrogen… read more

Pushing Broccoli to the Limit

Can you imagine getting a 75% yield increase in your broccoli crop next season? California broccoli experienced just that in 2012 Jim Poulton, Agri-Gro® Dealer, in Salinas, California has a… read more

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I farm 5,000 acres of corn, wheat and milo and won’t go without using AgriGro® products on each acre. I have used AgriGro®for the past 12 years and there is no question that my soil looks, feels and smells healthier. The soil holds water better than it ever has and my yields have increased also.

John V., Sharon Springs, KS

We farm 3,000 acres of rice, corn, soybeans and wheat and have been using AgriGro® products for over 30 years. In the beginning we noticed a significant yield increase. Long term, we have seen our soil texture become more mellow with fewer clods and a lot more earthworms. Disease pressure is almost non-existent and we hardly use any fungicides. Thirty years later, we still see a consistent yield increase with AgriGro® products.

Lee W., Wright Brothers Farms, MO

I have used FoliarBlend® on our almond transplant trees over the last eight years. With the trees we have treated, we can see to the row, that they are taller and healthier with greater trunk mass and more vigor than those not treated, and they produce more yield.

Randy D., Central California Almond Grower

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