AgriGro® Featured In Idaho Grain

AgriGro® was featured in Idaho Grain, a publication provided by the Idaho Grain Producers Association. The article, entitled, Biostimulants Offer Promise, but Do Your Homework delves into the science of… read more

Peanut Study: Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Numbers Rise

Peanuts are a very important crop in Argentina, with millions of tons exported worldwide annually. In early studies using multiple applications of FoliarBlend® on peanuts, soil analyses showed the number of nitrogen… read more

Pushing Broccoli to the Limit

Can you imagine getting a 75% yield increase in your broccoli crop next season? California broccoli experienced just that in 2012 Jim Poulton, Agri-Gro® Dealer, in Salinas, California has a… read more

Three Applications of FoliarBlend® Make the Difference in Milo & Wheat in Texas

Some exciting news on dryland milo production comes from Jay McKee, farm manager, Strickland Farms in Nevada, Texas. Jay is eager for next years’s crop in both milo and winter… read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Calcium is Critical

Regardless of the crops you produce, the infographic below, “Calcium is Critical”,  will guide you through the importance of applying AgriCal® this fall.   AgriGro’s® AgriCal® benefits the plant, soil, roots… read more

AgriGro® Interview: Maximizing Inputs by Maximizing Life

We say “Just Add Life” because for over 40 years, AgriGro® has understood the importance of the biological component of crop production. We recently interviewed Shannon Smith, Co-Owner of AgriGro®,… read more

Build Momentum in Your Organic Production with Ultra®

Organic producers, how would you like to gain up to $71.00 per acre on a $12.00 investment? In a 2017 organic starter trial, Ultra® was applied in furrow at 32… read more

Maximize Your Crop Production Efforts: Just Add Life

Typically, conventional crop management decisions focus on two broad categories to drive production success: 1. Physical component – equipment, tillage practices, irrigation, and seed 2. Chemical component – fertilizer, herbicides,… read more

Research-Backed Technology With Proven Performance

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Today, there are numerous products in the bio-stimulant marketplace that make similar claims to… read more

Microbes: Many Hands Make Light Work

Many hands make light work, and having an abundance of beneficial microbes in the soil at critical stages throughout the growing season is like having extra hands on the farm… read more

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