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AgriGro is a leading manufacturer of biotechnology for plant nutrition designed to help growers produce higher yields from healthier crops and soil. Verified by the most extensive, replicated third-party research in the industry, AgriGro’s proprietary blend of essential macro and micronutrients, enzymes and amino acids improve soil conditions, speed emergence and enhance nutrient uptake. Over time, AgriGro products recondition the structure, drainage and tilth of soil, while increasing the amount of plant-available N, P, K and micronutrients. AgriGro has applied its expertise in plant biology to feed nutrition designed to strengthen livestock health and improve raising environments. AgriGro biotechnology now also serves the commercial turf and residential home garden industries.

Research Update


A study using FoliarBlend and IgniteS2 on sugar beets in an area highly infested with Fusarium, yielded up to 277 Lbs / Acre sucrose increase when used with fungicides. A 11.7% increase over control.


What’s New


AgriGro, Inc. has recently launched a new product line for the wildlife industry - DeerGro™.…


Global Distribution

AgriGro products are distributed in the U.S. and various countries worldwide.

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