In today’s modern agriculture, our efforts can deplete life or add life. When you look for ways to add life, it ’s a sustainable way of farming that makes everything work better.

Our products are all natural, easy to use, and friendly to the soil, the plant, as well as the grower. AgriGro’s® formulations deliver essential plant nutrition along with an advanced prebiotic concentrate which significantly increases the multitude of beneficial native microbial species already residing in the production environment.

Through these environmentally sound technologies, we’re adding life to crop production, livestock, home, turf, and wildlife markets. You don’t have to be dependent on efforts that deplete life… Just Add Life with AgriGro®.


AgriGro’s® prebiotic technologies for crops are designed to provide essential elements, enhance nutrient uptake, promote plant health, improve soil conditions and increase crop yields and quality.  Verified by extensive, replicated third-party research, AgriGro’s® proprietary formulations can significantly add to any producers bottom line.

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AgriGro’s® prebiotics for livestock are designed to improve digestion and feed conversion, strengthen the animal’s natural defense system, minimize stress levels, and improve the overall production environment.

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Home & Garden

Whether you’re a master gardener, a commercial landscaper, or simply have a few houseplants, everything you grow can be grown better and safer with the AgriGro® Home line of products. Consciously formulated with your family and home in mind, our products work in harmony with nature to enrich the soil and supply your landscape, garden and house plants with the health, vigor, and nutrition they need.

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AgriGro’s® Turf products supply essential plant nutrition while enhancing nutrient uptake and soil and plant health, improving the growth, vigor and quality of any turf grass.

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For the wildlife enthusiast, growing successful food plots has never been easier.  DeerGro® by AgriGro® boosts plant growth and improves soil and plant health to maximize food plot production that not only holds game on your property but provides the nutrition they need to flourish.

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Industrial Waste

AgriGro’s® “Natural Solution” for Wastewater Treatment and Odor Control is found in our prebiotic formulation Indigo®.  Indigo® is specifically formulated to treat any source of organic waste or bio-solid residue.

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