M A X I M I Z I N G 

Yield and Fertilizer Efficiencies

IgniteS4® is formulated for inoculation on all

dry N-P-K fertilizer materials and significantly

improves the uptake and availability of those

nutrients while positively affecting soil health,

plant growth and development.



Traditional sources of NPK were inoculated with AgriGro’s IgniteS4® then

applied to pots of silt loam soil prior to planting with corn. The untreated

pots included the same soil, fertilized with the same rates of NPK.

30 days after planting, nutrient uptake comparisons were made

between the IgniteS4® treated plants and untreated plants.

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Dry fertilizer impregnation: apply at the rate of 64 oz/ton (1.89 L/ton) – 96 oz/ton (2.84 L/ton) of dry fertilizer.

Should be applied with equipment that will evenly impregnate across the fertilizer batch.

Liquid fertilizer injection: add to liquid fertilizer to achieve a minimum delivered field rate of 8oz/acre (236ml/acre). Should be thoroughly blended with the liquid fertilizer prior to application.

Packaging Information
  • 5 Gallon Cases
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Mini-Totes

Understanding Prebiotics

Safety Data Sheet





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